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The interest in the Planet Core project has been overwhelming. Here is a selection of interviews and articles.

Het Parool (interview)
i-D Magazine Worldwide (opinion piece)
i-D Magazine Netherlands (interview)
Vice Magazine Worldwide (opinion piece)
Dj Broadcast Magazine (interview)

Radio interview with Roelof Hemmen on BNR News Radio (starts at 1h20):
Radio interview with Rob Trip for Met het oog op morgen (National Public Radio)

Radio / video interview with Dj Promo and Rosemarijn Reimer at NPO 3FM (Nederlandse publieke omroep).

Planet Core at Milano Music Week

Traxtorm Records helped out a lot during the making of Planet Core, so when they asked me if they could exhibit Planet Core during the first instalment of the Hardcore Italia Showcase at Milano Music Week, I was more then happy to return the favour. Special thanks to William Funck, Max Monopoli and all the people involved.

A short after video of the event:

A different selection was shown during the event:

Planet Core overview

The first edition of Planet Core and my first big solo exhibition was a big succes. It was an honor to be able to present this project inside the walls of the legendary Melkweg venue, one of the Netherlands' most import pop venues, and I would like to thank Fleurie Kloostra and Laure Vanrijkeghem for the opportunity, it was a blast. ^_^

The shown works:

Double Trouble, 2017

Freedom Flag, 2017

Beast Time, 2017

Piazza di San Giorgio, 2017

Planet Core, 2016 - on going

First solo exhibition - Planet Core

I'm very happy to invite you to my first solo exhibition Planet Core.
The exhibition explores the Dutch Gabber subculture as it's celebrated outside the Netherlands.

Please be welcome, the opening is on the 18th of October from 7 till 9 pm and the exhibition is open for public till the 22nd.

- Boris


Press text: 

Gabber goes global – revealing the international side of Hardcore

Gabber in Melkweg Expo during ADE 2017

Gabber, the Rotterdam-born subculture, lives as never before. With the Hardcore-inspired collection of Dior, DJ Paul Elstak return to the top of the music charts. And with the 25th anniversary of Thunderdome, Hardcore is more relevant than ever. Gabber grows, not only in the Netherlands but also internationally. Photographer and artist Boris Postma, a Gabber fan of the first hour, followed the phenomenon to Italy and Japan, where he observed and photographed the Gabber community. The result is Planet Core, exhibited during ADE, from 18 to 22 October, at Melkweg Expo in Amsterdam.

Gabber is the black sheep of the Dutch music family. A total outsider, Gabber is anti-culture, a pain in the ass of the mainstream. Gabber is crude, bold and raw. Gabber is fooling around. Gabber is pain. Gabber is steel. But Gabber is also unconditional companionship, love and affiliation – honor, pride and honesty. Gabber is family.

Since the creation of Gabber in the 1990s, the phenomenon has become one of the largest rave subcultures in the world. It has spread internationally under the name Hardcore (the name of the accompanying music genre). In addition to Johan Cruijff, Rembrandt and tulips, this grim subculture is one of the most successful export products from The Netherlands. Wherever it arises it forms a fanatic fan base, tightly connected and with dedication solid as concrete. Groups and subcultures with a recognizable hardcore identity pop up everywhere, blending with the national visual language. And remarkably, the Netherlands, in particular Rotterdam, is the Mecca for Hardcore lovers.

Artist and photographer Boris Postma experienced Gabber like few others. He sought Gabbers in Japan and Italy and was included in their local scenes. He ate, slept and hakte (the accompanying dance) with his new Gappies, and recorded their lives and love for Gabber and Hardcore in a nuanced manner. Not only did he focus on the sometimes extreme and sensational visual identity of this subculture, but he also witnessed everyday life, affection, love and care for each other. The resulting photo and installation exhibition is Planet Core in Melkweg Expo.

This is the first show ever dedicated exclusively to the international dimensions of Gabber and Hardcore. Controversially, it takes place in the Dutch capital Amsterdam and not in Rotterdam. At the same time, it is a first sign that Gabber and Hardcore are seen for what they are worth: a lasting cultural form with global dimensions, perhaps similar in function, power and scope to Rock'n Roll in the fifties.

Boris Postma was first fascinated by Gabber in the mid-nineties. At the time it was a forbidden love that was literally experienced in secret. A no-go area of the environment in which he grew up. His love grew into a passion, which lasted for more than two decades. Meanwhile, Boris became an established name in the international Hardcore scene. He participated in exhibitions in Paris, Zurich and Toronto, researched the local Hardcore history for Art Rotterdam, functioned as a Gabber oracle for Nike and examined Hardcore elements for Vice and DJ Broadcast Magazine. In addition, he has contributed with pictures and articles to the Thunderdome jubilee book, which is yet to be released.

Wednesday 18 October at 19:00 is the opening of the exhibition, which consists of photographs and installations. Boris invited DJs Yoshiko (Italy) and Neodash Zerox (Netherlands) to provide the Hardcore soundtrack. The opening is free and open to all.


Planet Core - Boris Postma 
18 to 22 October 2017
Melkweg Expo
Marnixstraat 409

Wednesday 18 October at 19:00

Opening hours: 
Wed 18/10: 9:00 - 23:00
Thu 19/10: 10:00 - 23:00
Fri 20/10: 10:00 - 23:00
Sat 21/10: 10:00 - 23:00
Sun 22/10: 12:00 - 21:00

Thunderdome 25 years of Hardcore trailer

This is probably my biggest personal accomplishment to date. Not one, not two, but five of my photography works in the Thunderdome: 25 years of Hardcore | Official Thunderdome Event trailer (at the 0.30 mark). Big thanks to all the beautiful people involved in creating the images throughout the years.


Original photo's

'End Time' at Gabber Nation 2.0 during Intersections Art Rotterdam 2017

'End Time' by Boris Postma
Year: 2017
Size: 240 x 180 cm
Materials: Laserprint on blue back paper, wheat paste

Having visited the historical sites of Rotterdam’s gabber culture, Boris Postma presents a photo installation that calls upon the changing character of Rotterdam and its gabber scene. Places which once functioned as a pilgrimage for gabbers, now seem desolate and alienating. Combined with the aesthetic of torn down poster- and flyer walls Postma draws on the discrepancy that defined gabber culture, being both rough and sinister, and warm and inviting. 

Text by Agnes Winter

Mockup and presentation

Left: 'End Time' by Boris Postma Right: Bastian Hagedorn and Johannes Büttner

Left: 'End Time' by Boris Postma
Right: Bastian Hagedorn and Johannes Büttner

Gabber Nation 2.0 @Intersections during Art Rotterdam 2017

After having sturred up the quiet community of Beetsterzwaag in the summer of 2016, Kunsthuis SYB reunites the Gabber Nation collective of artists for a presentation at Intersections Art Rotterdam. Henrike Naumann, Ekaterina Burlyga, Johannes Büttner, Bastian Hagedorn, Tea Palmelund, Boris Postma and Merle Vorwald will delve into the gabber scene of Rotterdam and present new works in Gabber Nation 2.0. 

Moving from the rural to the urban, Gabber Nation 2.0 takes as point of departure the birthplace of gabber: Rotterdam. In the early 1990’s the city of pounding construction sites and harbor activity seemed to inspire the beat of hardcore music. This radical electronic music style soon took over the Rotterdam party scene, with raves being held in legendary venues like the Energiehal and club Parkzicht. For Gabber Nation 2.0 the artists immersed themselves into the gabber scene of Rotterdam, creating new works that appeal to its rich history and its meaning today. 

Curator: Agnes Winter
Henrike Naumann:
More information about Intersections and Art Rotterdam:

'Last breath of the Homelands' featured in Ground Magazine

Ground Magazine cover

Very happy to be featured in the latest edition of Berlin based Ground magazine by Ismael Ogando, right next to photography entity Nan Golding , alongside Princes Nokia and a selection of amazing photographers and artists. Read 'the early issue' here.

GabberNation @ Kunsthuis Syb

Me (on the left) dancing to Hardcore rave music in '96.

Me (on the left) dancing to Hardcore rave music in '96.

Last summer I was part of the Gabber Nation exhibition in Kunsthuis Syb as invited by Henrike Naumann. In Gabber Nation we explored the Gabber subculture in the rural parts of the Netherlands, Friesland to be more precise. Some of the themes explored were the subject of teenage angst, the urge for destruction in all of us and the apocalyptic prophecy of Hardcore rave music.

Gabber Nation has been covered by Metropolis M, Leeuwarder Courant, i-D, Noisey, read an in depth review over here.


Frysian Gabbers by Boris Postma

Frysian Gabbers by Boris Postma

Nexus '96 by Boris Postma & Henrike Naumann

Nexus '96 by Boris Postma & Henrike Naumann

Last breath of the Homelands - Boris Postma

Last breath of the Homelands by Boris Postma - photography slideshow and audio soundscape.

Last breath of the Homelands by Boris Postma - photography slideshow and audio soundscape.

This Nike Memento

This Memento invited me to with Nike Europe about the subculture side of the Nike Air Max consumer circle and how to use this during the yearly Nike Air Max day. We talked about music and the influence of subcultures on brand representation. As a thank you I got this pair of customised Nike Air Max 2015. Thx for the invitation guys!