Planet Core Press

The interest in the Planet Core project has been overwhelming. Here is a selection of interviews and articles.

Het Parool (interview)
i-D Magazine Worldwide (opinion piece)
i-D Magazine Netherlands (interview)
Vice Magazine Worldwide (opinion piece)
Dj Broadcast Magazine (interview)

Radio interview with Roelof Hemmen on BNR News Radio (starts at 1h20):
Radio interview with Rob Trip for Met het oog op morgen (National Public Radio)

Radio / video interview with Dj Promo and Rosemarijn Reimer at NPO 3FM (Nederlandse publieke omroep).

Hoe Rotter UT Wordt - SBK Doredrecht

I had the pleasure of being part of the exhibition 'Hoe Rotter Ut Wordt' curated by fashion designer Nada van Dalen. 'The Hardcorps' was shown and heavily used by several media outlets that wrote about the exhibition, like Glamcult, I-D Magazine and Subbacultcha.

Below are some snapshots I took during the night.