Boiler Room Hard Dance interviews

Boiler Room is having a Hard dance moment and they wrote a series of articles on the subject of Hardcore and Gabber. I had the pleasure to be interviewed for some of them. Besides that, they also published a selection of Planet Core images on their Instagram feed.


The interest in the Planet Core project has been overwhelming. Here is a selection of interviews and articles.

Het Parool (interview)
i-D Magazine Worldwide (opinion piece)
i-D Magazine Netherlands (interview)
Vice Magazine Worldwide (opinion piece)
Dj Broadcast Magazine (interview)

Radio interview with Roelof Hemmen on BNR News Radio (starts at 1h20):
Radio interview with Rob Trip for Met het oog op morgen (National Public Radio)

Radio / video interview with Dj Promo and Rosemarijn Reimer at NPO 3FM (Nederlandse publieke omroep).

Planet Core at Milano Music Week

Traxtorm Records helped out a lot during the making of Planet Core, so when they asked me if they could exhibit Planet Core during the first instalment of the Hardcore Italia Showcase at Milano Music Week, I was more then happy to return the favour. Special thanks to William Funck, Max Monopoli and all the people involved.

A short after video of the event:

A different selection was shown during the event:

Planet Core overview

The first edition of Planet Core and my first big solo exhibition was a big succes. It was an honor to be able to present this project inside the walls of the legendary Melkweg venue, one of the Netherlands' most import pop venues, and I would like to thank Fleurie Kloostra and Laure Vanrijkeghem for the opportunity, it was a blast. ^_^

The shown works:

Double Trouble, 2017

Freedom Flag, 2017

Beast Time, 2017

Piazza di San Giorgio, 2017

Planet Core, 2016 - on going